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A complete list of research projects funded and currently underway is outlined below. To view a historical list of past projects funded, visit the Awards Archive.


To review the details and results of completed research projects, visit the Success tab.

Changes in Swine fecal microbiome and resistome associated with herd introduction and after artificial insemination with semen containing preservation level antibiotics


Determine temporal changes in microbiome and resistome in fecal samples of gilts after their introduction into an organic herd and after insemination with extended semen containing typical preservative-level antibiotics.

Dr. L. Brito


Improve Speed, Accessibility and Knowledge of Animal Pathogen Sequencing


Improving procedures for and access to genome sequencing of viruses providing critical information about how these viruses change and spread. 

Dr. R. Nissly


Develop Bed Bug Monitoring Tools for Poultry Facilities


Provide practical monitoring tools that can be used by producers and could be used for scale evaluation of bed bug control medications.

Dr. E. Machtinger


Effect of Litter amendment & Enrichment on footpad health in broiler flocks


Elucidate the effects of various enrichment objects as well as litter conditions and amendments on the occurrence and severity of Footpad dermatitis, breast blisters and hock burns in growing broilers.

Dr. M. Pierdon


Staying one step ahead, addressing public concern about piglet castration


Propose the development of an effective, practical and cost-efficient method to treat castration pain in pigs. 

Dr. T Parsons


Genetic Diversity- AI after vaccination using next Gen Sequencing


Help define the genetic pressure placed on IBVs contained with vaccine.  Findings will address effective vaccinations and improve strategies for diagnosis and control of IBV infections in chickens.

Dr. A Schmitt


On-Road Transport Equipment Biosecurity Reimbursement Program


Provide companies with the proper biosecure equipment to protect farms from lateral virus spread.

C. Hershey


Farm Animal Emergency Response- Certificate Program for Animal Shelters


Provide a professional and educated response by animal protection organizations who play a critical role in assisting responding authorities with sheltering farm animals in emergencies.​

C. Shelly

Animal Crime Institute, LLC

Justification for Small Ruminant Extension Specialist position at Penn State University


Assess the current scope of the sheep and goat industry, economic impact, and existing PSU Extension personnel with expertise to support the industry.  Provide justification to PSU administration for hiring a Small Ruminant Extension Specialist.​

Dr. R. Mikesell

Penn State University

2023 Sheep and Goat Management Calendar


Create 2023 Small Ruminant calendars to include marketing advice and best management practices.​


C. Hershey

PennAg Industries Association

Disease Awareness- Public Information Distribution


Create and purchase ad space in public engaging news outlets to inform the public of disease threats, how to respond, and where to access more information.​

C. Hershey

PennAg Industries Association

AI Readiness Response Supplies


Equip Pennsylvania with Avian Influenza response supplies.


C. Hershey

PennAg Industries Association

Spanish Course for Poultry and Swine


Curriculum creation for beginner and intermediate Spanish language courses.​

C. Hershey

PennAg Industries Association

Educators Ag Institute- Ag Crate Project for Poultry, Swine, and Sheep


Provide educator resources on swine, poultry, and sheep.​

C. Espenshade

Friends of Ag Foundation- Pennsylvania Farm Bureau

Pennsylvania Sheep and Goat Quality Assurance Program


Evaluate existing quality assurance programs to develop a set of goals for a small ruminant quality assurance program in the state of Pennsylvania.​

Dr. W. Fritz

Delaware Valley University

Influence of Vitamin A and D on milk quality and piglet health


Conduct an applied research project that investigates the effect of Vitamin A and D administration to the sow during late gestation on milk quality and immune function of the piglet.​

Dr. E. Hines

Penn State University

Swine microbiome and resistome after insemination with semen containing antibiotics


Provide empirical data that supports best AI practices for porcine producers in Pennsylvania and provide a better understanding to agriculture's role in antibiotic stewardship.​

Dr. L. Brito

University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine- New Bolton

Assessment of animal welfare and behavioral impacts on commercial laying hens infested with bed bugs


Determine the effect of bed bugs on layer chicken welfare through behavioral and physiological measures.  Use free image analysis software, "ImageJ" for bed bug quantification.​

Dr. M. Pierdon

University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine- New Bolton

One Health Task Force


Connect human, animal, and environmental health stakeholders.​

Dr. J. Holt

Determining the size and scope of USDA exempted poultry processing in PA


Assess the level of disease threat and biosecurity issues surrounding small-scale producers and subsequent extension programming to directly address concerns.​

Dr. J. Boney

Penn State University

Deciphering the Role of Gut Microbiome in Reducing Haemonchus Contorus Infestation in PA's Small Ruminant Herds


Understand the role of Haemonchus contortus microbiome interactions in small ruminants and identify therapeutic interventions to promote health, reduce parasitic burden, and improve production and welfare.

Dr. D. Pitta

Penn State University

Investigation into the Cause of Pheasant Hepatopathy Syndrome


Identification of affected and control of flocks, Metagenomics, and Electron Microscopy.​

Dr. M. Lighty

Penn State University

A Simple Sample Locator for Poultry


Create a simple chart-type tool to help professionals of the poultry industry to determine which are the most suitable samples to submit to the diagnostic laboratory depending on the suspected condition.​

Dr. G. Lorenzoni

Penn State University

Evaluation of Vaccination for Egg Drop Syndrome Infection Using real-time PCR Testing and a Commercial ELISA in Layers on EDS affected Farms in PA


Evaluate antibody response to EDS vaccination in layer flocks and evaluate viral shedding in EDS vaccinated layers using real-time PCR testing.​

Dr. S. Davison & Dr. Anis

University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine- New Bolton

Establish a Secure Food Supply Program in PA


Complete 150 food supply plans and provide cost-share opportunities for plan development and installation of best management practices.​

C. Hershey

PennAg Industries Association

SWOT of Animal Agriculture in Commonwealth of PA


Dr. C. Gambino

Delaware Valley University

Surveillance and Genetic Characterization of Infectious Bronchitis Viruses from Commercial Chicken Flocks in PA


Map the geographic distribution of Infectious Bronchitis Virus strains across Pennsylvania and identify high-risk regions for IBV.​

Dr. M. Lighty

Penn State University

Avian Medicine and Pathology Residence Program at Penn State University


Equip an avian medicine and pathology resident to function independently in a diagnostic, technical support, research, or veterinary setting.​

Dr. M. Lighty

Penn State University

Surveillance of Egg Drop Syndrome (EDS) Infection Using Commercial ELISA


Conduct initial surveillance of PA layer flocks for antibodies to EDS using the Biocheck EDS ELISA.​

Dr. E. Anis & Dr. S. Davison

University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine- New Bolton

Development of a Rapid Molecular Typing Technique to Track Gallibacterium anatis in Layer Poultry Farms


Develop simple molecular typing technique to track G. anatis in poultry farms and identify genes to understand emergence of antimicrobial resistance.​

H. Lu

Penn State University

Expanding the Penn State Butcher School


Conduct formal butcher training, including strong segments of theory and hands-on experience.​

Dr. J. Campbell

Penn State University

Field Scale Research Controlling Internal Parasites of Goats with Sericera Lespedeza in PA


Determine if AU Grazer Sericera Lespedeza can be an effective non-chemical, anti-parasitic, that combined with best management practices, can contribute to the reduction and control of internal parasites.​

G. Cauffman

Pure American Naturals

Poultry Bed Bug Surveillance, Identification, and Outreach


Survey to better-understand the extent of bed bugs, verify identification, and outreach, education, and training on biology, life cycle, and control measures for bed bugs in poultry facilities.​

Dr. P. Patterson

Penn State University

Screening for Egg Drop Syndrome Infection Using  PCR & Commercial ELISA


Validate real-time PCR for detection of EDS virus and commercially-available ELISA for detection of antibodies to EDS.​

Dr. E. Anis

University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine- New Bolton Center

PA Food Animal Processing Strategic Needs Assessment


Identifying and connecting gaps within PA's Food Animal Processing industry.​

Dr. C. Gambino

Delaware Valley University

User Friendly Veterinary Telemedicine Service


Collecting and analyzing data on the capabilities and limitations of telemedicine veterinary services specific to livestock/poultry practice in rural areas of Pennsylvania.​

Dr. G. Patterson


Improving Biosecurity within the Commonwealth of PA


Piloting a biosecurity tool, "Barn360."​

Dr. B. Mason

Country View Family Farms

Training for Disease Response in the PA Swine Industry


Building the human knowledge base and local infrastructure needed to deal with a high consequence disease outbreak in the swine population.

Dr. E. Hines and C. Williams

Penn State University

Establishing PCR Assays for Detection of Infectious Bronchitis Virus Serotypes


Developing molecular diagnostic tests for the typing of avian infectious bronchitis virus isolates.​

Dr. S. Kuchipudi

Penn State University

Poultry Welfare and Production Medicine Fellowship at Clinical Studies


Post Grad training for vet with interest in poultry to develop skills needed for diagnostics, animal welfare and industry connections.

Dr. M. Pierdon

University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine- New Bolton Center

Youth Biosecurity and Protection of Livestock Industry


Target jackpot show exhibitors with need for biosecurity to protect all of Pennsylvania livestock.

J. Darr

PA Pork Strategic Investment Program

Secure Pork Supply Training


Biosecurity training to swine producers throughout Commonwealth - topics include paperwork, disease, etc.

Dr. E. Hines

Penn State Extension

Depopulation Readiness


Equip animal ag in Lancaster, Mifflin and Juniata Counties to ensure they have the necessary equipment in the event of an animal health challenge.

Dr. G. Martin

Penn State Extension, Lancaster County

Capturing Newly Emerging Markets: How Best to Manage Post-Weaned Sows


Evaluating the details of Prop 12 in California and how that would impact Pennsylvania pork production.

Dr. T. Parsons

University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine- New Bolton Center

Strategic Analysis of Poultry and Livestock Health Issues in PA


Comprehensive look across the Commonwealth as to what is needed for poultry, swine, lambs, sheep and goats.

Dr. D. Wolfgang

Previous State Veterinarian/Penn State University

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