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In the Center's first year (FY 2019/2020), thirteen research projects were authorized with a total expenditure of $608,740.

A complete list of research projects funded and currently underway is outlined below. To view a historical list of past projects funded, visit the Awards Archive.


To review the details and results of completed research projects, visit the Success tab.

Verification of Coryza Negative Status and Backyard Flock Risk


Will explore the existence of Coryza in backyard flocks and explore commonality to limit the spread.

Dr. M. Pierdon

University of Pennsylvania New Bolton Center

Depopulation Readiness


Equip animal ag in Lancaster, Mifflin and Juniata Counties to ensure they have the necessary equipment in the event of an animal health challenge.

Dr. G. Martin

Penn State Extension, Lancaster County

Hemp Seed Cake Feed Trial and AAFCO Approval


Work with poultry and feed companies for feeding trials of hemp in animal diets and work to gain AAFCO approval for hemp in livestock diets.

B. Shaffer and Dr. P. Patterson

Kreider Farms, The Wenger Group and Penn State

Poultry Isolators


Secure equipment for PSU – PADLS to run testing in the Commonwealth instead of the need to send it out of state at a higher cost and time delays.

Dr. S. Kuchipudi

Penn State University

Infectious Coryza Longevity Proposal


Further studying Coryza to identify its lifespan​.

Dr. D. Kelly

University of Pennsylvania New Bolton Center

Capturing Newly Emerging Markets: How Best to Manage Post-Weaned Sows


Evaluating the details of Prop 12 in California and how that would impact Pennsylvania pork production.

Dr. T. Parsons

University of Pennsylvania New Bolton Center

Strategic Analysis of Poultry and Livestock Health Issues in PA


Comprehensive look across the Commonwealth as to what is needed for poultry, swine, lambs, sheep and goats.

Dr. D. Wolfgang

Previous State Veterinarian/Penn State

Biosecurity BMP Audit and Program for Poultry


Will work with poultry producers on a biosecurity template which also demonstrates the value biosecurity and BMP's have on a farm's ROI.

M. Martin

Longenecker's Hatchery

Secure Pork Supply Training


Biosecurity training to swine producers throughout Commonwealth - topics include paperwork, disease, etc.

Dr. E. Hines

Penn State Extension

Youth Biosecurity Training Across Pennsylvania


Focus on youth exhibitors at fairs, shows and the need for biosecurity practices​.

Dr. E. Hines

Penn State Extension

Youth Biosecurity and Protection of Livestock Industry


Target jackpot show exhibitors with need for biosecurity to protect all of Pennsylvania livestock.

J. Darr

PA Pork Strategic Investment Program

Poultry Welfare and Production Medicine Fellowship at Clinical Studies


Post Grad training for vet with interest in poultry to develop skills needed for diagnostics, animal welfare and industry connections.

Dr. M. Pierdon

University of Pennsylvania New Bolton Center

Motivations of Biosecurity Practices and Acceptance by Swine Producers


Survey producers about their acceptance and reasons for biosecurity.

Dr. C. Gambino

Delaware Valley University